Larry Handley Unethical

I had a huge problem with honesty regarding my attorney, Larry Handley of Ankeny, Iowa of the Handley Law Firm. He made serious errors in court (cost me thousands of dollars) for which he promised several times to adjust my bill, but he later went back on his word and refused. I had to file a complaint and finally the Attorney Fee Arbitration Committee forced him to reimburse me a significant amount due to his errors and inappropriate charges. He also misled me on whether it was mandatory for him to be present at a mediation, for which he charged me. I found out it was not mandatory as he had told me. He charged me for a meeting and phone call which never occurred, but he refused to provide a record or proof. I knew there was no meeting because I worked all day that day and have the record. Very poor representation, service, professionalism, communication and effort. Handley is also padding his own online reviews, which is unethical and pathetic.


One thought on “Larry Handley Unethical

  1. Larry Handley of the Handley Law Firm has hired a company (appears to be Reviewboost) to post and spam fake positive 5-star reviews posted by fake reviewers, not posted by real clients. These same reviews are now found verbatim on many review sites for Handley on the internet, all posted a week apart, all 5 stars. These brief, vague positive reviews have suddenly appeared in May and June of 2013. Checking the profiles of these reviewers shows that they post similar 5 star reviews for many businesses all over the country. Often, they “coincidentally” post reviews for the same businesses which are apparently using fake reviewers. On Google review for Handley Law Firm, they use names that are meant to look real, but when researched, they are not real persons in Iowa or anywhere else. This is unethical and deceptive to potential clients and unfair to the other attorneys who compete for business. So far, the fake reviews are showing on myreviewboost, google, yahoo, citysearch, superpages and judy’s book. Handley did a horrible job for me as a real client. He was incompetent, dishonest and lacked communication and effort. The Attorney Arbitration Committee forced him to reimburse me for his errors and inappropriate charges. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to use an attorney with such low integrity who is willing to deceive and use deliberately misleading advertising. I have filed a complaint with the Attorney Discipline Board in Iowa.

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